Friday, November 22, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence’s Style Secrets: Zanna Roberts Rassi Breaks Down the Catching Fire Star’s New Look [ He4lthherb4l ]


Zanna Roberts Rassi

| Übersetzt von Cinya Burton

22. November 2013 – 15:16

For a 23-year-old Jennifer Lawrence has had quite the evolution in fashion. From the 17-year-old on step and repeats in subtle pretty princess looks and flower child headbands, to the sit up and take note Baywatch bombshell in the second skin Calvin red dress at the Oscars 2011. Then on to a confusing sartorial period—where she wore every flippy printed dress under the sun.

When she busted out the gold statuesque numbers from Prabal and Ralph Lauren for the 2012 tour of The Hunger Games she attained a strength and maturity in her look and attitude. But the real turning point was the darker hair and heavier eyeliner at the Silver Linings Playbook premiere last year.  Then she landed the ultimate fashion endorsement gig as the face of Dior. Her style from here on in became less eclectic and naturally more Dior. But perhaps her change of stylist from Elizabeth Stewart to Rachel Zoe had some effect too.

Today we see the sharp pixi cut and her bond with cool Ana Khouri ear cuffs along with killer spike Vaccarello shoe and I imagine she’s channeling a rocker edge. Despite her lucrative contract with Dior I think we will be seeing her in some contemporary fashion and accessories. Here’s my breakdown of her most recent looks (from left to right):

1. Dior Coat: A little more Kate Middleton than J.Law for me. I wish she had worn a fun colorful accessory with this like the stripe necklace seen with the runway look. Or at least the pop of a statement lip. 

2. Dior vanilla gown: Vanilla is a tricky color to wear but she pulls it off even with her pale skin. (the pop of bright pink on the lip helps). The wrap around bodice fits her like a glove and high-low hem hit her in all the right places.

3. Blackless Dior: This dress is a piece of art! The draped back is super sexy but the front seems an awkward fit. The shoes throw me off. I would have loved to have seen it with an open toe strappy heel.

4. Sheer Dior:This was a controversial number but I think it’s a killer couture gown. I’m thrilled she took a risk and it paid off. Love the retro bodysuit and playful choppy ‘do’.

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5. Black Proenza Schouler: There are only so many gowns a 23-year-old should be wearing and for that reason I love the youthfulness of this dress. The belt nips her at the waist perfectly, the halter accentuates her toned arms and I love the hardware.

6. Black Dior Jacket: One of the most understated looks we have seen her in on the tour (but forgiven, the poor girl was sick as a dog and undoubtedly not feeling up to a big kapow dress). This Resort 2014 tux style jacket with pink and lime knitted bra top is cool but perhaps better sans bra for more wow factor.

7. Black Dior: J’adore Dior! My favorite look—I almost didn’t recognize her! I love the bad ass glamour I’ve never seen on her before. Side boob and all. More of this please, Jennifer!

8. Navy Dior: A little déjà vu of the sheer navy SAGS dress. I wish we could see more of the intense Vacarello spiked heel. This simple dress would have benefited from a big jewelry moment. I love the Something about Mary hair swoosh and the pink lip with heavy eyes. 

9. Blue Alexander McQueen: Wit-woooo! Sexy, youthful and cool. The suck-it-all-in knit pencil skirt is super flattering and the skeletal knit crop top revealed a perfect sliver of belly. The pumps are sick and work perfectly with this. 

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