Friday, November 22, 2013

Readers’ favourite tourism slogans [ He4lthherb4l ]

Travel slogan Australia

In 2006, Tourism Australia launched a controversial advertising campaign that was briefly banned from television in the UK for its use of the word “bloody”. Photograph: Tourism Australia

Our round up of the best (or worst) tourism slogans from around the world had a fantastic response from readers. We had so many suggestions for ones we’d missed we decided it was only right to share some of your own picks. Some of you got creative – special mention to ToffeeDan1 for “Greece is the word” – but here’s a quick round up of some more old and new travel slogans that actually did make it into print.

Be Berlin
Australia – Where the bloody hell are you?
Vienna – Now or never
British Columbia – The best place on earth! (Previously Super Natural British Columbia)
Hi! Seoul – Soul of Asia
The Gambia – Smiling Coast of Africa
Louisiana – Come as you are, leave Different
Romania – Explore the Carpathian Garden
West Chiltington – A village with a past and a future
Suffolk – The Curious County
Torquay – The English Riviera
Glasgow’s miles better
Leeds. Live it. Love it.
It’s Never Dull in Hull
Hong Kong Will Take Your Breath Away
Brunei – Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures